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Life Is Busy!

When I started this page I wanted to add new content at least once a week.  Well I can tell you that has not happened – not even a little.  But I am trying to start anew and work towards my goals of educating people on how to use essential oils and the benefits of using essential oils.  Let’s not waste any time – jumping right in.

One oil I use almost every day in one way or another is Thieves Essential Oil.  Remember all oils I use are from Young Living Essential Oils.  They are the highest quality oil on the market.  Young Living oils are the only oils I will ingest.  Thieves Oil is an amazing blend of highly antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial essential oils.  The oils were made based on an old 15th Century legend about thieves who rubbed the botanicals on themselves to avoid getting the plague while they robbed the dead bodies.  It’s said when the thieves were arrested they were forced to tell what their secret was and disclosed the formula of herbs, spices and oils they used to protect themselves in exchange for a lenient punishment.

Here is the cool thing about Thieves – it works amazingly for many things but most of all keeping me healthy.  At night I diffuse a nice blend of thieve and lavender oil.  You might not think it would smell all that good but I do enjoy it.  I sleep better and get sick lesser.  Young Living really put thought into their Thieves line of products.  That’s right, there is not just oil, but several amazing products made with the thieves oil.  There is the Thieves Foaming Hand Soap.  I have it at every sink in my house.  Then there is the Thieves Laundry Soap.  It is very concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot of it and it cleans my clothes!  The Thieves cough drops – amazing! Sore throat gone!  The Thieves Wipes are great for your car or your day bag.  I use it to wipe down public toilet seats if they don’t have paper liners.  I am always using my Thieves Hand Purifier.  I keep it in my car and purse.

There are several Thieves products and I can tell you once you start using The Young Living Thieves line you won’t ever go back to using anything else. If you are interested in giving these products a try let me know and I will get you going.

It’s All About the Oils and Sharing!

I am here to share with you my knowledge of essential oils and how they may provide a healthier alternative to many common daily issues and tasks.  For example looking at the normal kitchen spray cleaner there are so many chemicals I cannot even pronounce the names.  I prefer to use Lemon Essential Oil, Thieves Essential Oil, Witch Hazel and Water.  It cleans my messy greasy stove top, counters, table, and floors.  It cleans wonderfully and smells amazing, however the best part is there are no chemicals involved in getting a spotless kitchen.

Let me make something clear, I am not a doctor.  I cannot and will not diagnose illnesses and thus cannot and will not treat medical conditions.  However, if you have been diagnosed with a condition and are looking for other avenues to help you live a healthier life style I can help you with that.  Essential oils can help with many different issues we may come across.  I also encourage people to work with their doctors while using essential oils.  I have worked with my doctor for the past couple of years and she has encouraged my use of essential oils.  We will talk about that later but I believe there is a certain way to go about talking with your doctor.  Nonetheless, using essential oils to assist in battling some health issue can be very successful.

I believe you have the right to take control of your health but that means you have to do the research, reading and ultimately determine what is accurate and what is not. There is a lot of work that must go into it.  You cannot just read what one person says; jump on that bandwagon and expect to be cured. It does not work that way with essential oils.  To take control of your own health, you must do it responsibly.

I am so happy you have read my blog.  Join me in this revolution of taking control of our health and the health of our families!


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