Doctor Symbol   In my previous post I talked about working with your doctor in incorporating essential oils into your daily routine to help support your health. If you choose to use essential oils to support your health that is great.  I hope you also include your doctor in that decision.  I have spoken to a few doctors regarding essential oils for me and other members other members of my family.  I have had a great response and support from them.   My approach was I first asked my doctor if she knew about essential oils and she did.  This made it easier for me to communicate with her about how I wanted to incorporate them into daily use.  Even though she did not know how each oil I used worked for me specifically, she supported my choice to use them.  I am very blessed to have the doctor I do.

When I have spoken to other doctors, like for my son who has some complex medical issues, they had heard about oils but was not educated about the oils.   I took the time to simply explain how they were working for my son and that they were 100% natural and they truly supported my son’s use of them.

In both of the above situations I was very polite and professional when speaking to the doctors.  I think they appreciate the respect and it helps them be at ease and receptive to this new idea.  I took some litature about oils and gave it to them to read up on them.  Oils are a blessing and so our my doctors.

I think if you just tell your doctor you are going to use essential oils whether they agree or not and have an attitude in any way, you might not get a great response.  I do understand there will be plenty of doctors out there who will think it’s all voodoo and witch craft with no concern for your opinion about your health.  For the most part I think doctors want you to have good health and if oils are helping then they are on board.  If it’s truly important to you, express that in talking with your doctor.  My doctor was well aware I did not like taking all the medications I was on at one point, especially pain medications.  When I told her I could cut way back on the pain meds if I used my oils – she was excited about that.  I do think most doctors are more and more open to talking about holistic medicine.  They cannot deny all the improvements they see and the research being done now.  Be passionate about oils and your doctor will support you.

Let me just add, if your doctor is not on board and really is not interested in learning about the oils or listening to your wishes, you may want to find a new doctor who will support your passion for better health.  Just something to think about.

Plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years.  Many medications started off as plant life, but not anymore.   In many countries their medicine cabinet looks completely different than ours.  Take a look at this photograph of an Ethiopian medicine cabinet.


In closing, here is what I believe.  Be in charge of your health.  Take control over the decisions about your health.  Educate yourself and be responsible for your own health.  It’s a big job, but you can do it!